Our Services

Perfect Shine is your place to find quality housekeepers/maids to care for all your cleaning needs. Depending on the size of your home we can provide you with either one or two housekeepers/maids to perform the cleaning. All of our housekeepers/maids have years of house cleaning experience and we thoroughly check their references and backgrounds. We also make sure all of our housekeepers/maids speak English making it easier for you to communicate with them.

Once we assign you to a team, you will have the same housekeepers/maids every time. Should you at anytime you become dissatisfied with your housekeeper/maid please call us. We will immediately send you a new a housekeeper/maid!

The housekeepers/maids will bring their own cleaning supplies; however, you have the option of having them use your supplies if you so choose.

We offer:

House Cleaning / Maid Services - Window Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning - Post Construction Cleaning
Spring / Summer Cleaning - Move In / Out Cleaning - Daily Housekeeping

Services available include

  1. A complete kitchen cleaning which includes wiping down all appliances and counter tops, cleaning the inside of the microwave and sink, spot cleaning all of the kitchen cabinets, and washing the floor.
  2. A complete bathroom cleaning which includes cleaning the shower, toilet, sinks, and mirrors. We will wipe down all counter tops, spot clean the bathroom cabinets, and wash the floor.
  3. A complete dusting and vacuuming throughout the house. This includes taking down all cobwebs, dusting all furniture and fixtures, window sills, and blinds.

Many additional services are also available such as changing the bed linens, cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, or cleaning the inside of the oven. Also if there is any other special service you need just let us know and we will accommodate you!

You are under no obligation to use our service for any length of time. We service customers once, weekly, every other week, every three weeks, or monthly, depending on their choosing. Once you decide to have us come on a regular basis, you have the option of rescheduling at anytime as long as it is done at least 24 hours in advance of your confirmed cleaning.